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Welcome to Westfeld. 


I am an dramatic audiobook narrator and commercial voice over artist. I won't simply read your book, I will perform it. I will provide you with a professional, broadcast quality narration or voice over for your commercial. I can perform a myriad of accents and voices and will gladly audition for your work directly. Please visit the catalogue page for samples of audiobook narration, and below is a brief commercial demo video.

I operate a sound studio and I have over 15 years of experience in recording music. I recently transitioned to audiobook recording and narrating, and thus, Westfeld was born. 


I created Westfeld Audio out of a consuming passion for audiobooks. As an auditory learner, I have always read outloud to myself. Every book becomes an audio book for me. In addition, I listen to other narrators incessantly. I - love - audiobooks.


As a Narrator, I have enormous versatility and can narrate several genres using a plethora of accents and voices, having received formal theatrical training from the New York State University of Brockport and having spent over a decade actively involved in theater and drama, and voiceovers. 


If you are a listener, looking for your next good “read,” browse our catalogue, and choose a title that strikes your fancy. 


If you are an author looking to transform you writing into audio or are looking for a voice over for your commercial, contact me today. I will deliver you a finished product that you can be proud of, and more importantly, one that will attract “readers!”


- Ian Slentz, Founder

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